The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament presented by The Davis McCullough Foundation

One of the Country’s Highest Rated, Jumper Shows September 8 – September 12, 2021

Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

September 8 – September 12, 2021

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The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament presented by The Davis McCullough Foundation moves to Traverse City.

September 8 – September 12, 2021

Flintfields Horse Park – Williamsburg, MI 49690

Dear Trainers, Exhibitors and Owners

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is happy to announce our new location will be Traverse City, Michigan.  Like everyone in the sport, we first and foremost are taking our athletes’ health risks very seriously.  For this reason, we have in collaboration with the Morrissey Management Group, found a perfect home for The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, 2020.  The SOJT, now entering its ninth consecutive year, has always endeavored to elevate the sport, the quality of service and a more gracious philosophy core to its unique operation. 

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament was founded eight years ago by Jeff Papows on the premise of something different, more gracious, with quality in everything from footing to course designers to relaxed schedules and hospitality being of great importance.  Televised for seven years in partnership with NESN (New England Sports Network) it has done much to promote the sport. 

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is a registered 501c3 charity.  Silver Oak’s support of animal rescue efforts have been a mainstay of its mission.  Our award ceremonies lavishly reward our athlete’s dedication like no other event. 

“There is simply nobody I have more faith in or find myself more ideologically aligned with than Michael and Matt Morrissey; and there is no facility in the country that can rival Traverse City,” said Jeff Papows, Ph.D.,  Chairman and Founder of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament.

There will be two weeks of FEI jumping competition at Traverse City in September this year.  The Silver Oak Jumping Tournament CSI 2*, September 2 – 6  and week II with a  Traverse city CSI 4* presented by CaptiveOne Advisors…. September 9 -13.

Warmest Regards

Jeff Papows,
Chairman & Founder Silver Oak Jumper Tournament


Day 5 Recap 2020 Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

Day 5 Recap 2020 Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

It has been an incredible week for the 2020 Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, at our new home, the stunning venue at the Flintfields Horse Park in Traverse City, Michigan. We have seen some truly impressive show jumping this past week with riders from all over the world and at all levels from amateur to the professional titans of the sport.

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Day 4 Recap 2020 Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

Day 4 Recap 2020 Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

Day four here at the Flintfields Horse Park for the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament and though the day started off a little cool, by the afternoon the sun warmed the venue right up and it was spectacular. It was a stroke of serendipity because today Silver Oak hosted a very special event, the Babington Benefit Classic.

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Day 3 Recap 2020 Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

Day 3 Recap 2020 Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

That’s a wrap for the third day of world class competition at Silver Oak in Traverse City’s Flintfields Horse Park. The first feature event from today actually took place just before the Welcome Stakes, and it was the Rood&Riddle 1.30m Open class. Rood&Riddle Equine Hospital has been a phenomenal sponsor for Silver Oak, we love when they help us create purse classes for all our riders, professional or amateur. Elise Oken aboard her mount Iraola del Maset strode into victory with an impressive ride leading by several seconds after a speedy jump off.

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501c3 Non Profit

From the founding of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, we have endeavored to support ​important charitable organizations.  Historically the MSPCA, various therapeutic riding programs and children’s charities that benefit those who are seriously ill.  In October of 2016, after a long and appropriately tedious application process, we have now been named a registered 501 (c) (3).

This has serious tax advantages for our numerous and critical sponsors without whom we could not put on an event of this magnitude.  As “The Rider’s Horse Show” we want you to enjoy not just top sport, but the good feeling that comes from supporting an organization designed to do good things.

We are happy to announce today that we will be supporting Danny & Ron’s Rescue, and The Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.  This dove tails perfectly with the magnificent efforts of our perennial presenting sponsor, Victoria McCullough of the Davis McCullough foundation, who is singularly responsible for thousands of rescues and adoptions of horses otherwise destined for slaughter, and spearheading government efforts that have effectively banned horse slaughter in this country.

“The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is one of the Nation’s top jumper shows, complete with attention to detail, quality at every turn and top sport.  It could easily be renamed the” Silver Heart Jumper Tournament, and I’m so proud to be involved.  These are my very favorite charities,” said Victoria McCullough Chairwoman, Chesapeake Oil, and Chair of the Davis McCullough philanthropic foundation.

Become a Sponsor

We have numerous sponsors from equestrian companies such as EquiFit, Farm Vet and Platinum horse supplements.  We have every major saddle manufacturer, to top Corporate sponsors like Agero, the country’s leading telematics and road side assistance company, to UBS Wealth management one of the country’s top banks.  Sam Adams, our official beer, Boston Harbor Distillery and numerous other partners are all involved annually.  Check our track record as our sponsors with very rare exception return every year as we make participation affordable and we work diligently to ensure our sponsors receive the best value.  As one of the only televised Show Jumping events filmed and produced by NESN (New England Sports Network), we reach more than five million homes.  We also feature thousands of spectators and VIPs who enjoy a white-linen gourmet luncheon served ringside in the beautiful UBS VIP tent on Sunday.

SOJT Sponsors

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament presented by The Davis McCullough Foundation moves to Traverse City.

September 2 – September 6, 2

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

Attn: Sharon Ricci
67 South Bedford St – Suite 400W
Burlington, MA 01803
(781) 710-4903

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