We Are Expecting Another Sellout!” AUGUST 14-18, 2019






SOJT is happy to be partnering this year with South Shore Golf Cars


Dear Trainers, Exhibitors and Owners,

Dear Trainers, Exhibitors and Owners,

In 2017 we marked the fifth instantiation of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament. We have endeavored from the very beginning to field a unique product focused on a more gracious exhibitor experience and utopian conditions for our human and equine athletes. We appear to have succeeded based on the turn out which has grown steadily over the years forcing us to limit entries these past two seasons. We attract so many of our sport’s top horse and rider combinations.

Importantly from my personal perspective we also have been recognized by the federal government and the state of Massachusetts as a sanctioned 501c3 charity. In that regard we have dedicated our efforts to animal rescue specifically The Omega Horse Rescue organization and Danny and Ron’s Dog Rescue. I know both of these organizations are near and dear to our hearts. We have succeeded in raising tens of thousands of dollars, work we continue all year, not limited to the week of the horse show.

Everything from the quality of our course designers, such as Olaf Petersen Jr., and Mauricio Garcia Ballesteros, or historically Alan Wade, to the costly and unique jump inventory, to the effort that we make to honor our athletes with awards, and podium ceremonies commensurate with your efforts and sacrifices mark our efforts emblematically.

The property; Fieldstone Show Park is a labor of love for Scott Clawson and no where will you find better footing, more space to train, warm up, hack and compete inclusive of one of the top grass Grand Prix Fields in our sport. Hundreds of thousands of dollars by the way were invested following the 2017 effort to further improve those surfaces. Further Fieldstone invites you to stay for week II, featuring a Tuesday Welcome Stakes and a $50,000.00 Grand Prix on Thursday condensing something on the order of $300,000.00 of prize money over an eight-day period of time in August.

So, for all these reasons please join us for both weeks in 2018 and register early as we will once again curtail entries at the right point to ensure relaxed schedules, optimum conditions and the Unique experience we are known for.

Warmest Regards

Jeff Papows, PhD
President & Founder Silver Oak Jumper Tournament


Presented by The Davis McCullough Foundation

We strongly recommend you submit your entries early.  Our entries are best accepted online, simply click on the link below.

The Silver Oak Jumper Show is one of the country’s highest rated, USEF--five star Jumper only Shows.  Featuring the country’s best grass and all weather GGT-footing, top course designers like Olaf Petersen, Jr., The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is true to its mission statement as “the rider’s horse show”.  The SOJT is owned and managed by a rider, and executed based on a motive to provide the best in customer service and hospitality with utopian conditions for our horses. It is designed at every turn to have a different feel than other shows.  Consistently rated in the NARG (North American Rider’s Group) top twenty five list for good reason.  Join us and experience something truly different where the magnitude of awards, presentations, jump inventory and meticulous attention to detail offers you something unique.  Be aware we sell out every year, limiting ourselves to 500 horses to ensure timely schedules and optimum conditions!

All Grand Prix held at this show are eligible for inclusion on the Rolex/USEF Show Jumping Ranking List Certification Number 18167

VIP Tables Available
Call Sharon at 781-710-4903 or Email Sharon@SilverOakJumperTournament.com

Enjoy a white-linen luncheon on Sunday, August 19, ring-side during our Grand Prix, catered by Alden Park. 
This is a great way to watch the Grand Prix and enjoy a Sunday afternoon of Olympic-level show jumping at its best.