Jeff Papows, Ph.D. Chairman and CEO

For Jeff Papows, each day begins at 5:00 am when he clomps through his house in his riding boots and heads off to the barn. This ritual is the thing that truly gives him peace of mind: his morning rides and daily visit with his horses.

He began his riding career, as an amateur owner jumper rider, late in life, and has experienced some success over the years with his equine partners Roxett 7, Glorydays. Eurostar, and Lady Guinivere. Jeff has a great love and respect for the sport of show jumping and its athletes, both human and equine. Jeff has become one of the sport’s ambassadors.

Jeff is an accomplished author having published two successful books: Glitch-The Hidden Impact of Faulty Software, and Market Leadership in the Information Age. Both books have been reprinted in many languages worldwide.  More to the point here Jeff also authored Unbridled Passion which chronicles North America’s greatest horses and riders.  Glitch received a bronze medal as a best seller in the sport’s category.

Jeff has spent the last 30 years in the software industry as an accomplished executive holding senior industry positions. He is currently CEO of  Concord Mass. Based Shop Advisor. Most notably, he was the President and CEO of Lotus Development Corporation, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as well as President of Cognos Corporation. Jeff also serves on the boards of several other software companies and Agero the Nation’s premier road side assistance and telematics company.Jeff has a B.S. in Biology, an M.A. in Human Resource Management, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration. He has been a frequent guest on various national television shows and testified in the United States Senate on technology concerns of national importance.Jeff is a long-time resident of Gloucester, Massachusetts and shares a home with his wife, Patricia. He is also the proud father of three grown children, and several dogs that populate his Gloucester residence.

Sharon Ricci, Director of Marketing and Operations

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament
Attn: Sharon Ricci
67 South Bedford St – Suite 400W
Burlington, MA 01803
(781) 710-4903


Chairman SOJT

Jeff Papows, Ph.D. – Chairman SOJT

Chairwoman Ox Ridge

Flavia Callari – Chairwoman Ox Ridge Show Committee


Carol Coleman
Jason Gates


Dennis Mike Moran
Bob Crandal


Bobbie Reber

Course Designers:

Anderson Lima
Eric Mayberry


Kelly Munz

Stabling Manager:

Patrick Hill

Jumper Schooling Supervisor:

Bruce Burr

Official Jump Builder:

Dalman Jump Co.

Show Secretary

Lori Johnson
Cheryl Francis
Michelle Schmerzler

Director, SOJT Operations

Sharon Ricci


John Bahret
Dennis Mike Moran


Lissa Tepas
Callie Shay Brochu
Bugler Sam Fortier

Music & Performances:

Madeline Mangnall


Andrew Ryback & Staff


Peter Leone
Candice King
Carol Coleman

Michael Whitlow
Darren Graziano
Debbie Stephens

Kevin Babington
Marcia Radosevich, Ph.D.
Victoria McCullough

The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament

Attn: Sharon Ricci
67 South Bedford St – Suite 400W
Burlington, MA 01803
(781) 710-4903

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