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The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament has sponsors from equestrian companies such as EquiFit, Farm Vet and PlatinumHorse Supplements. We have every major saddle manufacturer, to top corporate sponsors like Agero, the country’s leading telematics and road side assistance company, or Lumber Liquidators, Sam Adams Beer to Herb Chambers, New England’s leading vehicle dealer.

Check our track record as our sponsors return every year as we work diligently to ensure our sponsors receive the best value. As one of the only televised Show Jumping events filmed and produced by NESN (New England Sports Network), we reach more than five million homes with our outstanding TV coverage. We also feature thousands of spectators and VIPs who enjoy a white-linen gourmet luncheon served ringside in the VIP tent during our Grand Prix—June 14 this year. It’s a spectacular client entertainment experience.

We are one of a very few top sporting events that is a recognized 501c3 charity supporting dog and horse rescue programs such as Danny & Ron’s Dog Rescue and The Omega Horse Rescue Fund.


Top Reasons to let us promote your Company and Brand:

  1. Demographics, 42% of Equestrians have a net worth far in excess of $500,000.00, 22% own multiple homes, 94% own multiple dogs and pets beyond their horses, and on average, Show Jumper’s spend more than fifty nights in hotels.
  2. The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is rated consistently as one of the top sporting events in North America attracting a massive TV audience, thousands of spectators and a highly affluent group of VIPs’.
  3. Our 501c3 status makes your contribution entirely tax deductible and you promote your organization knowing your helping dogs and horses who need our help.
  4. Our attention to detail, quality, hospitality, facilities, and top sport attract the world’s top riders and horses every year ensuring world-class competition, media coverage, and a thrilling client entertainment experience. Horses and athletes, including many Olympians arrive each year from all over North America, Europe and South America.
  5. Located in our new home of Darien, Connecticut at Ox Ridge Hunt Club, a beautiful historic New England property.
EMS Jump Company
EMS Jump Company designs and builds the highest quality custom jumps and rails for equestrian purpose. From our workshop on the South Shore, we tailor make each jump to the customer’s specifications, delivering specialized paint work and craftsmanship with each jump.

We have an ongoing relationship with one of the World’s premier Show Jumping venues, the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, founded and owned by Dr. Jeff Papows, he directs all his sponsors and our work populates his Grand Prix field annually and draws national attention due to NESN’s broadcast of this world class show.

Should you require something a little more bespoke, our specialist team will work with you to discuss specifications and required design. From there, we will create a 3D render of the jump for your approval. Once the final changes have been made and the wood has been selected, the build begins on a product tailored to you.



are Women


are Married


have a college undergraduate degree or better


make or directly influence purchasing decisions at work

Annual Income

More than half have an annual income greater than $150,000

Hotel Stays

On average Show Jumping equestrians spend more than 30 nights in hotels in season on the circuit


The majority are between 34-54 years of age

Market Value

The market value of the average home is $594,000


have a net worth of over $500,000


own more than one home


own a dog or other pet besides their horses


own a truck

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